Chalfonts, St Giles

Chalfonts, St Giles

The Chalfonts is an independent Grammar School situated in the midst of the Chiltern Hills and Newland Park.  The proposal is for the development of a new school building located within The Chalfont St. Peter Village in South-East Buckinghamshire.

The building will be designed to suit the needs of The Chalfonts education programme, along with associated sports and play areas, landscaping and carpark.  It is a dynamic arrangement of volumes dictated by the internal use of the building.

The main entrance is emphasised by a double height fully glazed entrance hall which together with the library create a prominent volume at the heart of the building, accentuated with a projecting sphere penetrating the central core roof, providing light deep into the central entrance area.

The east and south wings of the building are two storey high. The west and north wings remain at single storey, with the exception of two lecture theatres and the sports hall located at the rear of the site.

The proposed development has been carefully considered with the purpose of achieving an attractive, high quality development which will blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Strong vertical timber elements have been incorporated into the prominent volumes in order to minimise their visual impact and to respect the greenbelt setting in which the building sits.  Full height glazing provides appropriate levels of illumination to the classrooms whilst encouraging animation and indoor/outdoor interaction.